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    How do you find out your balance of the victoria's secret rewards card?

    I don't want to buy anything in the store, I would like to purchase a swimsuit online. I don't know which code to type in that will work, or if I just have to go to the store to check the balance then come home and order.
    a few seconds ago 5 Answers

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    Don't you know your own balance? I hope it is not one you found.
    a few seconds ago

    Other Answers

    • Isn't there an 800 number right there on the back of the card?

      by rtfm - 6 hours ago

    • When you check out, the last step is to put in code offers. The code on the card is on the back in the top left corner. type it in, and when you review and confirm the payment, you can see how much you got off. Also, you might get lucky, most people get 10, 20, 50 and a few 100.....but I am so happy.. I just went shopping today. was only going in VS to get a small gift. Wasn't even going to use the card, cause I had another $10.00 off card, and I thought the card would only have $10.00 on it. Luckily, I had them check the balence, because it had a whopping $500.00 on it. Like I have the worst luck, but I got a free$500 Victoria Secret Gift Card. I am ao happy, I got a ton of stuff! Good luck for you!

      by Lindsey - 6 hours ago

    • Unfortunately you can't. I work as a sales associate at V.S. and we get this question a lot. You can either check your balance by contacting the 1-800 number, or by having an associate at the store call it in for you. But there's no way to do it through the V.S. website. Hope it helps.

      by Anya S. - 6 hours ago

    • Try going to the website. Have your credit card number handy. Look for the word "rewards" If you can't find it. They might have a search box. If that fails: google victoria's secrets rewards /

      by Judy - 6 hours ago

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