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    how to get money on paypal without a credit card or bank account?

    i remember a website where u supposedly can make money for free by doing offers and it pays you through paypal i never tried that out cus i didnt have a paypal but if anybody knows what im talkin bout send me a link and tell me how to sell something on ebay without having money on your paypal account cuz it costs like $1 or $2 to put something on ebay and how would i pay that if my paypal balance is 0 give me specific instructions thankks!
    18 days ago 3 Answers

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    O.K. The only sure bet way for you to get a few dollars into a Pay Pal account so you can pay the eBay fees just in case your item does not sell is to have someone that you know send you a little money thru Pay Pal so you will have something in your Pay Pal account just in case, and you can pay them back. When you list a item on eBay you don't have to pay until the listing ends. You don't have to pay when you list the item.
    a few seconds ago

    Other Answers

    • Hope this helps!

      by Hew - 8 hours ago

    • If you already have a paypal account, then you simply list the item on ebay. Once the item sells (here's to hoping that it will) then you will find yourself with extra money in your paypal account from the buyer. YOu use that money to pay off your expenses to ebay. YOu can have paypal send you a check for the money that is left over but that costs $1.50 plus you might have a problem cashing it with no bank account. I would avoid the online surveys. I did a few. I did get paid. I think I got $2.00 for about 3 hours (not continuous) worth of surveys. Not worth it in my opinion.

      by shaun m - 8 hours ago

    • how did you start a paypal account with out bank account thats one of the requirements to open a paypal account to have a either bank account or credit card and i wont trust those offers that say you make money by answering survey questions and paying you via paypal they are mostly scams in the first place or you would have to answer over 100 surveys if you even get any in in the first place

      by mobilemark - 8 hours ago

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