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    Question about the H&R Block Emerald Advance™ Line of Credit?

    For those who have been approved how good is your credit. I have read online that H&R Block is doing credit checks for this year to get the Emerald Advance Line of Credit and I am wondering how good your credit has to be to actually get approved
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    need to be in good standings with your credit score for the card they do a credit check like the card places do
    a few seconds ago

    Other Answers

    • We where approved for $600. We have bad credit. They are doing credit checks and we where shocked that we where approved. I talked to a lady at the HR Office and she said only 1 has been denied all day, the rest has been approved. So that's kinda weird!

      by momof3 - 20 hours ago

    • HR Block IS doing a credit check this year. I make well above their requirement, am due to receive a 3500 refund, have been at my job for over a year, have used hr block for 8 yrs, did the advances for the 2 previous years (including paying off the one last year early via check in the mail), and yet i was denied solely because of my credit. it's not the best, but its definitely not the worst. i received a letter in the mail a few wks ago telling me they were doing the emerald advance again this year and i qualified because i did it last year, am an hr block customer, and am in good standing with hr bank. i even called the 1800 number on the letter to be sure. i was suprised when i was denied, and the tax preparer seemed to be too. there were 3 of us in the office and no one was approved. i have never filed bankruptcy, own my kids so i don't pay child support, LOL, sorry, bad joke. i have no liens on my taxes, don't owe the irs, HSBC, or HR. it said my denial was because of the credit check run through experian. Nothing on the hr block website mentioned a credit check and neither did the girl i called when i got the letter. so i called 1800hrblock and they told me that they were indeed doing a credit check this year and that "it was a last minute decision by corporate." so i called a different hr block office than the one i went to and they assured me they were not running credit checks this year. i called back 1800hrblock and told them what the office had told me and they assured me yet again that they were definitely doing credit checks, that the offices are aware of it, and the reps at the offices are lying trying to increase their volume, even if it means a lot of disappointed people. when i asked y they should be allowed to do this she laughed it off and ended our conversation. hope i helped and good luck.

      by nrsldy04 - 20 hours ago

    • Yes they are doing credit checks. I called and they said as long as u don't have any bad credit with HSBC i.e. orchard bank credit card. If you have any past due accounts with HSBC, u will not qualify. I am going to do mines today and I have horrible credit, but nothing with HSBC. I'll keep u posted.

      by apsara401 - 20 hours ago

    • We are not doing credit checks. However, if you owe HSBC or H&R Block because of a past Emerald Advance or RAL that went bad because you never paid it back, that will disqualify you. But no credit check through the 3 bureaus is being done. Just bring in your paystub and if you weren't a tax client of ours last year, bring in last year's tax return.

      by Bob F - 20 hours ago

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