Is the free annual credit report based on a calendar year?

I know you get a free report from the big three every year. Is this based on a calendar year or contingency?

For example, if I ordered all three on 11/22/2008...could I hypothetically order all three again on 1/1/2009? Or would I not be able to order them again until 11/22/2009?

Thanks for the help.

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Following your example, you can't order all three until 11/22/2009.

Try to order all 3 at the same time. Unfortunately they don't all report the same things.

5 years ago

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It is not a calendar year. It is one year from the last time you ordered.

Best technique is to order from one company, than 4 months later the next, and so on. That will keep you with a fairly recent report at all times.

by Sharon T - 5 years ago

one year from the time you ordered but you will never be able to see absolutely everything on your credit report unless you purchase a good report trust me I've tried many different companies and the free reports are always the worse they don't show half of whats on your credit report including most important your credit score


by Phillip C - 5 years ago