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    Which credit reporting agency do lenders use most often? Experian, Equifax, or Transunion?

    I would like to know which credit reporting agency lenders use most often. I know some use all of them, but some don't and each agency seems to give you a different score (mine ranges between 740 and 810 depending on the agency - seems like a big variance to me) even though they all 3 show the exact same info. So I guess I'm just trying to find out which score is going to be the one I should use to base things off of and also which one I should check before buying something. Thanks for your help.
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    Those are the top 3 credit reporting bureaus. Like you said, many creditors report to all 3, but some report to only 1 or 2. There's really no way of telling which one is used most often. The reason your credit score varies is because each agency uses its own calculations based on complex mathmatical formulas. None of these is your FICO score. Your FICO score comes from Fair Issac and is the most commonly used by lenders. It's a confusing system. Your score is high enough to be in the very good range, so you shouldn't have any trouble getting a loan at the best rates. Hope this helps. Good luck!
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    Other Answers

    • They use randomly so answer is whole 3.

      by UnkownDude - 8 hours ago

    • they use all three.

      by Marq - 8 hours ago

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