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    Do credit companies have to get a judgement to garnish wages and garnish tax returns or is it the same thing.?

    a few seconds ago 4 Answers

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    There is no way that a collection agency can forcibly collect anything from you without a court judgment. Can they garnish your wages? It depends on the laws in your state. Not all states allow wage garnishments. Can they garnish tax returns? Federal income tax returns cannot be garnished to satisfy consumer debt. In some states, however, a debt collector can garnish state income tax returns.
    a few seconds ago

    Other Answers

    • Credit card company has to go into court and get a judgment against you. The court order allows the garnishee of your wages. The cannot get your tax return but will go after your bank accounts.

      by ? - 4 hours ago

    • A judgement will allow them to garnish wages....maybe seize bank accounts...To my knowledge they cannot touch your tax refund UNLESS this is a collection agency coming after federally guaranteed student loan debt (Sallie Mae) that has defaulted.

      by CatDad - 4 hours ago

    • What state are you in? Not all states allow wage garnishment. As for your tax refund, no one can touch that, except the gov't - if you owe back taxes, money on a gov't insured student loan, etc.

      by Bill C - 4 hours ago

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