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    i understand that credit scores vary between the 3 bureaus. but which one shows the highest of the 3? i'm just curious because i can monitor my credit but i only get my trans union score.
    a month ago 4 Answers

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    There is no tried and true answer to this question since not all creditors report to all credit bureaus and all credit bureaus have their own way of calculating scores. If all of the information is reported to all credit bureaus in my experience the highest score would come from Transunion.
    a few seconds ago

    Other Answers

    • Your official score is at myfico.com. That's the one lenders use. It's not free - anywhere.

      by evilattorney - 5 hours ago

    • Equifax uses FICO (scale to 850) while TransUnion and Experian will sell you Vantage (scale to 990). MyFico.com is the best place to get your real, up to date FICO, the one creditors use. You really need to monitor your credit report at all three credit bureaus. Space out your annual free reports from AnnualCreditReport.com -- one bureau every 4 months. If you make sure there are no errors on your report and pay all your bills on time, your score will take care of itself. You really don't need to monitor your score on a monthly basis.

      by bdancer222 - 5 hours ago

    • I would have to say Experian, as in my opinion they report just about everything. Equifax tends not to report as much as the other two bureaus.

      by 4u2nv - 5 hours ago

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