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    I messed up my credit-how long until I can get a new card?

    When i was 18-20 I had a credit card and misused it badly. for a year I ignored the bank trying to get their money. I eventually realized how bad this is and have now paid off the entire balance. I am now 22 and would like to get a new card since I am trying to start my life outside of college. I paid the card off for over a year so I could have a long history of making good payments. I have tried for cards since it has been paid off but have no luck (which I understand). I am scared to try too many times because I hear that can effect your credit and I hear checking your credit too many times is bad. How long until I can get someone to trust me again? Besides this I have other things on my credit that are all good.
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    Wow these guys must work for secured card companies. They are not a good idea for anyone, here is why. With a secured card you are borrowing money from YOURSELF, and paying interest to do it. www.credit.com is a great place to go for someone in your situation. I would also check out my book "When Bad Credit Happens to Good People". In it you will find that by starting small (Gas card, Department store Card you can gradually move back into more general use cards. If you do choose to get a secured card it has minimal impact when scoring your credit because there is no risk involved in lending you the money. It is true that inquiring too much on your credit report in a short amount of time reduces your score. You get 5 inquiries on Auto loans 10 Mortgage but fewer for revolving debt. Read very carefully the requirements for the credit you are applying for, and go to www.annualcreditreport.com for your free report. You can see pretty easily whether you will qualify for the zero percent credit card. You should however not be afraid to request a card that is more than you deserve, BUT check to see what the terms are for the card they SEND. Lenders lure you with rates you do not qualify for, and then send you a card with much a higher rate most people do not notice. Hope this helps!!! Wayne Altman
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    • Secured credit card is a good move for you. You send them a lump sum, the bank I linked below is $200. Not a fee, but a security deposit that you will get back. They report to credit agencies and you do pay an interest rate on the outstanding balances if you don't pay it off each month. Behave with that card, the bank then sends you your money back and it's a regular card at that point. www.orchardbank.com follow the secured master card links Good luck!

      by Jay S - 2 hours ago

    • Get a secured credit card...the type where you pay a deposit and your credit limit is equal to that deposit...It's a great way to rebuild credit and you will probably be approved...unless you really have rock bottom credit...i.e. a credit score less than 400. Secured credit card payments are reported to the credit bureaus, just like unsecured cards....

      by CatDad - 2 hours ago

    • Get copies of your credit report. You're entitled to a free one every year, but it's a bit complicated to get. Here's a link to the FTC with more information: http://www.ftc.gov/freereports Checking your own credit is OK. That won't hurt. So, see what your credit reports say. Not just your credit score, but anything else on there as well. Eventually, you'll be able to restore your credit. In the interim, you might consider a secured credit card. That's where you deposit money in a bank, and your credit limit is limited to the amount you have on deposit. But definitely check your credit reports. Hope that helps.

      by I Buy And Sell Houses - 2 hours ago

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