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    Can I cash a check written to me in my maiden name?

    I had to put down a deposit for a phone a year ago. I got married and had my name changed. I did change my name with the phone company but they sent me my refund check in my maiden name. Can I cash it? I have my original birth certificate and my marriage license. I really don't want to wait for them to send me a new check.
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    No harm in going to your bank and asking. If you take some ID and your marriage license with you then there shouldn't be a problem. Especially as I'm sure they will have your maiden name in their records for your account somewhere.
    a few seconds ago

    Other Answers

    • take to your bank and sign your maiden name and your married name they should deposit it to your account.

      by ladystang - 39 minutes ago

    • Yes, you can. Sign it in your maiden name and then under that, sign your married name. Should not be a problem.

      by dg - 39 minutes ago

    • Yes you will be able to especially if you have a banking account where they know you just got married! You will have no problem!

      by KD - 39 minutes ago

    • you should be able to. !!

      by okay - 39 minutes ago

    • Yes. Endorse the check with your maiden name, and under that endorse it with your new married name.

      by Bibs - 39 minutes ago

    • I still have all my checks in my maiden name and haven't had a problem cashing them or using them......but I do also still have an old drivers licenses with my maiden name in it too.But 9 times out of 10 they don't even ask for it.....good luck!

      by Brandy - 39 minutes ago

    • Yes. Your best bet would be to just take it to your bank. You will be asked to endorse the check with your maiden name and then your married name. I had did business in my maiden name. The got married and did business in my married name. Then got divorced and went back to my maiden name. So I am very familiar with this process--lol

      by maamu - 39 minutes ago

    • It should not be a problem if you want to deposit it into your account. My father is always sending me checks for christmas or my birthday that have my maiden name on them, I have never had a problem depositing them.

      by MLE - 39 minutes ago

    • sure why not

      by clever1 - 39 minutes ago

    • yes aslong as you have identity confirming your maiden name

      by Jessie B - 39 minutes ago

    • Yes , you can cash it . Just go to your bank .

      by Jack B - 39 minutes ago

    • Yes you can cash it. Just sign it with your maiden name, and then sign again with your married name under it. No big deal.

      by Liz - 39 minutes ago

    • You should be able to - just endorse it with your maiden name as the middle name and your married name for the last name - it should work

      by goodkharma333 - 39 minutes ago

    • If you have anything proving what your maiden name was, then yes you can cash it.

      by Donna <>< - 39 minutes ago

    • Yes, but bring ID with you. If you can, go to a bank where they know you.

      by FreddyH - 39 minutes ago

    • Yes just keep a copy of your birth Certificate in case they ask for it but it shouldn't be a problem.

      by Minni - 39 minutes ago

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