HOW can I get a loan to pay off my credit cards?

I owe about 1,500 dollars on one credit card and I'm 300 dollars over my credit limit. I owe 500 dollars on my debit card. I owe a collection agency about 2,000 dollars for a gym membership that I meant to pay but they never received payments because I was out of the country, but we have come to an agreement about payments already. I want to know HOW can I get a loan (if possible) to pay off all this stuff when I am done with Marines boot camp? Will I be able to get a loan of 6,000 dollars?
When I go to bootcamp (which is in two weeks) I will open a new bank account with them. I want a loan to pay off my cards because I have a kid on the way and I want to make sure that I at least don't have anymore debt when my kid is born. I don't want to hear anyone advising me against getting a loan, I already have financially planned out the next year and a half and everything will only work out as long as I get a loan but I don't even know how to. I'm 22. My credit card interest is at 28%.

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You should be able to go to get a loan through your credit union.
and make one payment to them via direct deposit and they will disperse any payments you owe through your account with them.
Becareful the military frowns are garnishments and other legal issues among enlistees.

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Ask George Bush for a bail out. You should qualify.

by BIKER DUDE - 6 years ago

So your master plan is to pay off one debt by creating another? Not a good idea.

by Terri - 6 years ago

Try this website for peer to peer lending:

by cent174 - 6 years ago

The far greater question is what you are going to do after you get this lower rate loan to pay off your debt, in order to CURB your spending?

In other words instead of spending money, what actions are you going to take to spend the time you would have been spending money, making money? Instead of a gym membership how about cutting down a tree for someone? Or doing some landscaping? Mechanical work, house painting, these things can all be considered exercise while MAKING money instead of spending it.

by happycamper - 6 years ago