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    how long does an eviction stay on ur rental history or credit report in the state of california ?

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    An eviction will not go on your credit report because an eviction is not credit. Sometimes a credit report will pick up court information from a public records database. The eviction may stay there forever. Then, if you still owe the old landlord money, he can sell the debt to a collection agency and that will appear on your credit report. He can also get a judgment, which puts us back on the public records database.
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    • 7 years. Now they can report it to an collection agency who will place another negative tradeline on your report that can last 7 years as well. Sometimes collection agencies reage debts, so they stay on reports even longer. But by law, 7 years

      by nursebob - 14 hours ago

    • It can also appear on your CLUE report.

      by bud68 - 14 hours ago

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