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    Can I obtain a small unsecured loan with 643 credit score?

    Hello! I am attempting to get a quick unsecured loan for about 5-10k by the 22nd of this month. Who would I have good chances going with. I have no late payments on my credit report, 2 open credit cards with 0 balance, a car loan for about 18K current-no late pay. and 2 credit inquiries within the last year. I have a job I've been at for about 2 yrs 9 months and I make about 3525 (before taxes). I pay 350 in rent, 503 car note, 200 utility, 100 cell phone, about 150 in gas per month. I tried Chase today and was immediately declined on line. What are my chances with American General Finance or Citi Financial? Is there a better company to go with. I don't wanna lower my score by running it around town either. Only real answers please, preferably people with experience approving or who have obtained a loan with credit score similar. No SCAMMERS EITHER-NOT INTERESTED!!!!!
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    American General, CitiFinancial, Wells FargoFinancial (not Wells Fargo Bank)- they do these kinds of loans. Sounds like you have good credit. I got a 5300 American General loan a couple years back. It's not "unsecured"- it's "secured by household goods"- same damned thing! They write down the value of everything you own- TV, computer, DVD, Nintendo, Playstation, sofa, etc. If you pay all the payments on time, great. Even if you don't, I don't think they will come and clean out your home. They don't want our used junk. I think it works similar to a secured loan. Sounds like you have good credit, but a bank will not help you. You need a place like these. You are on the right track with the suggestions you made yourself. And of course, I'm sure you know the interest rate will not be low. Everyone here will chastise you, but if you need the money, you need the money!!!
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    • yes its possible for you to get a unsecured loan with the credit score of 643...don't worry its better for you to try for an online loan.i think that the below website will help you to find right solution.

      by Marry M - 17 hours ago

    • A year, plus ago, you probably would have got it. Not now. My guess w/o collateral you will have to pay higher interest. Even on long time credit card customers, banks are raising rates, never mind cash advances, but for purchases. The credit crunch has already spread beyond the mortgage and car sector. Whatever you do don't "shop your name around town", you will surely lower your score. No applications, discussions, and someone you could trust, kind of like the old days, a handshake before an application.

      by try2help - 17 hours ago

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