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    How does it work when someone wants to pay me using paypal for a private sale?

    This may be a stupid question so bare with me. I sold something for $65. She wants to pay me using paypal. She wants me to give her my paypal address so she can send it. I've only used paypal thru ebay and that was only to buy stuff. What do I give her and is this how it works?
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    Not a stupid question but infact, a very typical question for those who do not use paypal outside of an ebay transaction. To keep it simple, go ahead a give her your paypal e-mail address. Its safe and secure and she cant go into your account as long as she does not also have your password...keep that to yourself always. Once she sends the money to your registered paypal account, you can simply withdraw the money by sending it to your bank account using the withdraw button found when logging into the account. Understand that is will take a few days (3-5) to get to your bank account after withdrawing the money from paypal so if you need it faster, paypal MAY or MAY NOT be the best choice for you. Also, make sure she is not using a e-checlk to send you the money or it will take even longer to process. Never send her ANYTHING unitl the payment clears to your paypal account and you get a e-mail from paypal saying "you recv. a payment from....) You can also have her place the money in your bank account or send you a cashiers check in the mail if you still do not trust the process.
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    • No Sandy, this is not a stupid question. Just give your buyer the email address registered on your PayPal account. Or, you can do one better and just send the buyer a PayPal invoice for the item using the "Request Money" tab in your PayPal account. The page will prompt you for the buyer's email address, category of the item, the amount, and even let you post an additional message. Then the buyer will simply get an email saying that you're requesting money and give the buyer a "Pay" button to click on. The buyer will sign in to their PayPal account, choose a funding option, and select a shipping address (if necessary). You will receive a confirmation email letting you know when you received your payment. Hope this helps!

      by airmandj - 12 hours ago

    • DON`T DO IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      by Zack C - 12 hours ago

    • Most people associate paypal with ebay, however there are a lot of sites that use paypal as a source of payment. The buyer will go on their PP account, click send money, place your email address in the box provided, plus fill in the remaining boxes with the correct information. They will not connect it to ebay, they can just call it "other" or "service". Then, they click send, and you should get a confirmation that you have money in your account! Very easy!

      by AngelaSD - 12 hours ago

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