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    How can I get my Wells Fargo overdraft fees reversed?

    Let me start off by saying the following: - I understand I should keep track of my own finances. - I understand what they do is legal. - I understand I'm terrible with money. I've given well over a grand to Wells Fargo in the last year from paying overdraft fees and direct deposit advances. They will probably make a lot more in the next years. I was charged $400 in overdraft fees after several payments that had already settled mysteriously began pending again after I made a $4.00 overdraft. I spoke with the branch manager who only said she would do three reversals even after I threatened to close my account and bring my business to the bank across the street. Is there any way I can convince them to undo all 8 of my overdraft fees? Is there anyone higher up to bring this to?
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    Some banks such as Hells Fargo are not going to be very helpful when it comes to reversing those fees especially if they think you were at fault and not the bank error. These types of banks are making money off of your mistakes and you are right - they will not close the account - just keep making money off you. You could try writing a letter to the Corporate Office/Branch but seeing as though your Branch Mngr. has already said they would not help out - I would first find a new bank account and then close your Hells Fargo. Just a word of caution - someone I know has us bank and that particular bank will clear checks and overdraw your account even if there are no funds available - they claim that they legally have to clear that check because it was outstanding (I do not believe that nonsense - they could return a check on an account with less or insufficient funds). That particular bank will also clear checks and other items if they make it to the clearing house AFTER you have a scheduled deposit but see the date on that item was written or passed BEFORE the deposit and hit hard with bank fees after the fact. Another interesting way to make money off customers. This is a good lesson - do not count on writing a check a few days before a deposit and think you have enough time. The clearing houses and Banks are clearing checks much faster (sometimes in 24 hours!) and even clearing items via electronically. You could even consider opening up a line of credit to cover overdrawn items and fees or try a local Credit Union - they have much lower fees than regular Banks. Good luck!
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    Other Answers

    • If your that terrible with money, they may very well not want you as a customer. You cause them to much paper work. Your not going to get all 8 fees back even if you talk to the bank's president.

      by Classy Granny - 16 hours ago

    • They may well close your account since you can't seem to manage it. You say you "understand you're terrible with money." What are you doing to fix that? That's your real problem.

      by bud68 - 16 hours ago

    • i am having the same problem with wells fargo. I make sure not to make a payment with out checking my account funds firs. right now i am -$220 and that was after they did a partial reverse on 4 of the overdraft fee.

      by latiesha - 16 hours ago


      by alexandru - 16 hours ago

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