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    Sears has sent my bill to collection's and I want to pay it off but i cant get ahold of anyone?

    Sears sent to collections and collections got lawyer and are trying to get ahold of me but with no luck, how can I get ahold of them ,I want to pay it off there just making it hard .Me and wife got divorced and i moved out the guy trying to give me a summins showed up and my ex's home now and she tried to give them my new address and they wouldn't take it .My ex was responsable for the bill after divorce now i find out she hasn't paid it for almost a year and now there coming after me.what i need is an actual person at sears not a computer to help me do you know a # that I can contact "PLEASE" i want to take care of this now
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    Accept service of the papers. The papers will have the name and phone number of the collections agency Sears turned your debt over to. Then contact the collection agency and tell them you want to pay that debt off. If you pay it off before a default and judgment get entered, your credit won't be as bad. It will take awhile for the Sears "turned over to collection" statement to come off your credit record, but at least you won't have the court judgment on it. P.S. If you don't accept service, they'll petition the court to have it posted on your door.
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    • Sears no longer has an "in house" credit department. All Sears accounts go through Citi Bank South Dakota (CBSD). If you call Sears, they will not be able to tell you anything, since they do not have CBSD information. Citi Bank makes the decision whether you get approved for a "Sears" card or not. Technically speaking, this is a "Sears" credit card, however CBSD issues different types of credit cards for Sears. This includes Gold Master Cards, Commercial Accounts, etc. I know this is getting confusing, but you need to direct your calls to Citi Bank at 1-877-319-7904. They are the people who have placed the account on your credit report. Citi Bank services accounts for other major corporations like Gateway Computers and The Home Depot. I hope this helps you!

      by Joe - 17 hours ago

    • Have you checked your credit report (AnnualCreditReport.com)? If the debt has been charged off and send to collections, the collection agency should be listed on your file. You will probably have to deal with the collection agency rather than Sears anyway.

      by bdancer222 - 17 hours ago

    • The collection agency didn't sue you (they can't as they are not an attorney). From the collection agency, Sears hired an attorney to file suit. Don't avoid service of process. You'll get served eventually. The summons that is served will have the name/address/phone # of the attorney who works for Sears. You'll probably have to deal with Sear's attorney. They are usually willing to negotiate. Make sure that you get any agreement in writing.

      by Bill C - 17 hours ago

    • Call Sears' CS, and ask for the collection agency they use. They'll give you that number.

      by sum1like03 - 17 hours ago

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