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    Is it bad to max out a credit card and pay it in full? I do this multiple times a month before the due date.?

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    What gets reported to the credit bureau is your balance at statement time. So, if you pay one of your payments just before the statement cycles, then you have the best of both worlds.
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    • It's okay so long as you don't incur any fees as a result such as over the balance fees or overdrafts. But it sounds like you need a credit line increase. I would call your card issuer and explain the situation and they should be willing to raise the limit. One more thing: If your credit cards are maxed out, it may lower your credit score because your "available credit" will be heavily reduced. Essentially, you're a bigger credit risk if you owe more money at any given moment.

      by Todd S - 2 hours ago

    • Should be fine as long as you pay.

      by Jeanie - 2 hours ago

    • It is bad to max out your card even though you pay it in full. Banks give the credit lines out, but you should use no more than 30% of your line in one month. When you max out, you are telling the bank you are having a hard time managing your money. It also hurts your credit score when you max out.

      by Steve R - 2 hours ago

    • No need to pay more often than once a month unless money burns a hole in your pocket. It's not bad to max it out, as long as you don't go over the top and get slapped with stupid fees. If you spend a lot and can afford to pay monthly, be sure to get a card that pays a bonus for the amount you spend.

      by Vindaloo99 - 2 hours ago

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