Do I have to pay a collection agency a debt that doesn't show on my credit report?

I have had two collection agencies recently try to settle debts with me that are very old and do not show on any three of the credit agencies' reports. Do I have to pay them or are they just trying to make money off me? I have heard this referred to as "zombie debt." Thanks for your help.

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What they are doing is buying debt that has passed the statute of limitations for pennies on the dollar in hopes of frightening you into collecting it. They will take you to court, you must show up and state the the statute of limitations has expired. (In most states 4-5 years) if you do not show up they win by default and you have to pay. The problem is most people do not show up and thus lose the case by default. That is how these leaches make their money. In addition they cannot add this item to your credit report. In simpler terms fight it, let them know you do not remember the debt, and in either case the statute of limitations would have expired, and if taken to court show up

6 years ago

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Old debt you owed but they're trying to make money off of you?

by just a man - 6 years ago


by aerolizzy - 6 years ago

Well although you may still owe the debt, you not ever be forced to pay it back. The usual consequence of not paying debt back is it tarnished your credit report and can prevent you from getting more credit or good rates. If the creditor never paid to have it on your credit report and you don't want to pay it theirs really nothing bad that can happen. Most states staues of limitations is 3-5 years. After that point they have no legal recorse to collect.

by Matt G - 6 years ago

Pay them after you make an offer in full. Get it in wrtining

by Dont_taze_me_bro - 6 years ago

Just because a Debt doesnt show on your credit report since its so old doesnt mean you are free of it. yes they can still contact you to try and retrieve their money. Just send them a cease and desist letter

by Gertie - 6 years ago

Just because it's not reported doesn't mean you don't owe it. If it's really old, it may not be reportable or be something they can sue over, but it's still a debt.

by Bob - 6 years ago

If the statute of limitations on the debt has expired, no one can legally collect it. Check to see if the SOL expired (it depends on what state you live in - it will be the later of the day the account went into default or the day the last payment was made).

by Bill C - 6 years ago