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    I got a check from JP Morgan Chase Bank?

    I got this check from the above named bank, in an envelope no letter or nothing. Its payable to me, and i want to know what others think of this, if its fake or can i cash it. I always getting into sweepstakes and surveys and all that free stuff, so you never know if something good happens, but i want to make sure before i cash it. It was delivered by Fed Ex too. I will give 10 points to those who give me a good and intelligent answer. Thank You All
    2 months ago 11 Answers

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    SCAM I work as a teller for credit union and have been in the financial business for more then five years, and I can tell you that JP Morgan Chase Bank checks are the most common check I see tha people deposit and do not know what they are for. Sometimes it is a check asking you to cash it and return funds to them by wire or money order, but in your case it sounds like it is from that bank for a credit card. Also known as a credit card check, mostly below the five dollar range, the check when cashed enrolls you in a credit card to avoid paperwork... and to scam you into something you probably didnt want in the first place. On the back of the check where you endorse, read what it says right below the endorsement line. It would say something to the effect "by accepting this check, you are agreeing...". If this is the case do not deposit it, unless you are interested but find out what you are signing up for. Another thing I suggest is calling JP Morgan. DO NOT CALL THE PHONE NUMBER ON THE CHECK!!!!!! If it is a scam, that phone number is a fake and can hurt you. Look up their phone number online at their website for customer service. Ask the representative what the check is for, they may ask for teh check number. I would not give them any sensitive information, like your social. If this ends up being a credit card/loan/product/ check, ask them to take you off their mailer list and give them your address. Otherwise you may get these again. They are sneaky because they make it look so official, and delivered Fed-Ex.
    a few seconds ago

    Other Answers

    • I received a check like that last year. I called the bank and gave them the account information off of the check and then mailed it to their fraud department. DO NOT CASH OR DEPOSIT IT!!!

      by darpunzel - 4 hours ago

    • ...It's an advertising thing... "they" want you to cash the check and then (if your read the "fine print" will be hooked up in some sales pitch or other ultra-high interest money deal... Shred the check, burn it or use it to line the bottom of the bird cage...

      by P'rushim - 4 hours ago

    • Chase bank is a huge bank nationwide - just call them

      by Sarah - 4 hours ago

    • Scam, send it to your Att.General office for fraud. Or just tear it up.

      by DAS - 4 hours ago

    • I wonder if you own stock somewhere. This could be a dividend check. JP Morgan Chase bank is a very well known bank and I would be surprised if they were knowing involved in some sort of fraud. That being said, anyone can open an account there and issue checks. What was the fed ex return address? There has to be a phone number on it(Fed Ex wont deliver without a #), call them and see what they say. Have your feelers on. I did a google search, and came up with a few examples of people frauding victims, but most of them involved asking for money up front, or some sort of bank account info. It could also be a loan from some unscrupulous loan company, and by cashing the check you are agreeing to a high interest loan. You should look for any writing on the check that states that by signing this document you are agreeing to.... Here is an attorney's blog about what to do in these instances. http://derad.typepad.com/onlinecrimebytes/2007/05/more_on_job_off.html I hope that it is really your money. Good luck!

      by Fernie - 4 hours ago

    • Talk to your own bank about it. They will know what to do. Or you could call JP morgan Chase bank. If you do cash the cheque, do not touch the funds for a couple of months - that way if it bounces you will not have spent the money already.

      by julia j - 4 hours ago

    • JP Morgan Chase is a REAL bank.. Its most likely a bank check that they are offering to you and it comes with a APR. If you need it, cash it, but you will be charged interest rate every month for the remaining balance... YOU WILL NEED TO PAY IT OFF.

      by dwiteschrute - 4 hours ago

    • You can cash the check, but if it is a scam, then in a few weeks the bank will be back on you for the money Usually, scammers say they are overpaying you for some reason, so you cash the check, send them a smaller amount, you keeping the rest Then, in a few weeks the bank comes calling for the full amount

      by Miles C - 4 hours ago

    • Well I would first call the bank and ask them about it.You dont want to go and cash it without knowing what it's for and end up getting yourself into somthing that might put you back some bucks.Im sure they can assist you in telling you were it came from and what it is for.And if you did win or it is lajet...congrats!

      by swkellicker - 4 hours ago

    • whenever an bank unknown to you sends a check they probably want to get into you bank account and take out money. i suggest you take the check to a person at your bank and let them see over it just in case it is real.

      by Dino! <3 - 4 hours ago

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