Can credit card companies take your tax return?

I have some debt, and yes I am over due, because of medical issues, but I am slowly paying them off.
Can they still take my tax return? Because I just checked my bank account and it seems like my tax return was revoked.

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No they cant take your return without your consent- the only one who has the power to do that is the IRS or some other govmt. official (like if you were jailed for more than 60 days or have an outstanding ticket and thats usually only your state return)

Credit card companies dont have that power if you are only a little behind or have yet to declare bankruptcy. What most likely happened is an electronic glitch with your bank so they didnt accept the deposit. The tax return is sent back to the IRS and they send you a check in the mail within the next 5-6 weeks. Make sure the IRS has your current address or it could take longer.

Go to the IRS website and enter in your exact refund amount and your zip code and they will give you a number to reach someone who can help find out what happened to your return.

6 years ago

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Sounds like a line of bull Cr*p to me.
Just keep slowly paying them they should be happy your doing your best so many people are out of work.

by trailertrashsucks - 6 years ago

Only the IRS can take your money if you owe on a Student loan


by stan c - 6 years ago

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