Can you pay on your victorias secret credit card in stores?

Ive never been late on a payment but this month had been so hectic i just realized my payment is due in 4 days! I dont know if it will make it on time by mail and for some reason i cannot access my online account to pay on line! ugh so aggarvating! Can I make a payment in the Victorias Secret store? I know several stores allow it but im not sure about Victorias secret.

6 years ago - 5 answers

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Yes, just go into the store and pay, they can credit it to the account right away.

6 years ago

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I am pretty sure. Just bring in your bill. I dont think it works for many other stores though

by Anne E - 6 years ago

I'm sure you can! Yup! I know at Express and at Target (Tar'get, we don't play lol), there's a separate customer service area where you can make immediate transactions =)

by MissUnderstood - 6 years ago

Yes. The best thing to do is pay with your card when you purchase something and then pay with your credit card to get the points.

by littlemissmay - 6 years ago

no i go in the store 2 day 2 pay my bill by my cards & they did nt take it

by Arlene - 7 months ago