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    How do I figure out what the interest rate on my credit card is? I only see APR %?

    I can't figure out what my interest rate is when I go online to my account! The only thing I see is Purchase APR and Cash APR which are 29.24%. The Effective Annual APR is 96.46% and the Corresponding APR is 29.9%. Please help! Also, are these percentages bad??
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    Wow! You just got RAPED without any vaseline by that bank. I would suggest closing that account ASAP and going to a more reputable bank with lower rates, even if your credit is less than perfect you can STILL get a card with better rates than that! www.orchardbank.com www.householdbank.com www.firstpremierbank.com www.rewards660.com
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    • APR is the Annual Percentage Rate. That is your interest rate. Sometimes the interest rate on purchased and cash are different. Your interest rate is horrible. Pay off any balance as quickly as you can. Only charge what you can pay off in full each month on this account. If you don't carry balances,the interest rate doens't matter.

      by bdancer222 - 18 hours ago

    • That sounds like a typo on the effective annual APR. But regardless, the lowest of these numbers is bad if you carry a balance. Crudely speaking, 24% / 12 is 2% interest per MONTH. You really don't want to carry a balance on this kind of card, it will get you into trouble. Consider that even an investor in the stock market only makes maybe 9% a year on average over the long term.

      by roderick_young - 18 hours ago

    • 29 percent interest is too high. get rid of it

      by notablonde30 - 18 hours ago

    • These are ridicules rates. Are you with Wells Fargo? I hope you are not paying this. If so get a new card and balance transfer.

      by Net Advisor™ - 18 hours ago

    • Effective Annual is how much???

      by kj566 - 18 hours ago

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