How good is a 696 credit score???

Im 21 years old. I have one major credit card, one store credit card, and one installment loan on a atv from the bank. My credit score is 696. According to my credit report i have made one late payment in the total history of my credit card and none anywhere else. I've had this card for about 2 years. Is this a good score and how can i improve it?? Thank you all in advance.

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For new-to-credit, that's a pretty good score. If you don't have too many inquires you might want to request a credit increase because the smaller the percentage of your card that you use, the better. The credit bureaus like to see you using (and paying off) less than 30% of your total limit.

That's one of the easiest ways to increase your it too often, however, and you'll drive it back down. 2 or 3 times a year is fine, though.

Also, it sometimes helps your score to have a second card...even if you just keep it for back-ups in case your wallet is stolen. They like to see you being responsible with more, in other words.

Also, I'd say to ditch the store card. I've heard that those look bad on credit reports, not sure why, though.

6 years ago

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yes it's a good score, especially compared to the rest of the country right now, i think you are in the top 40%.

by happiestgirlintheworld - 6 years ago

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by Tammy W - 6 years ago

its good

by Julie H - 6 years ago