Credit Score is 605?

I had a few medical bills that I did not pay for one reason or the other, in October of last year I had to go to court over a 700 dollar medical bill which I disputed because they had not billed my insurance so then the bill was 375 dollars.

Also i have 3 credit cards and they were all pretty close to being maxed out

I also got a new car because my old one got totaled so i had alot of dealer hits on my credit.

Ok so now to the question, When I got my taxes back I paid off the judgement amount of 375 plus i paid off the remaining medical bills I had of 400 dollars which took care of all of my medical bills and i didnt settle with them because i heard that was bad for your credit so i just paid it in full with the collection fees and all

so anyway i also paid my credit cards down to 200 dollars each so i can prove that i pay payments on time

so i checked my score last month it was 585 and today it was 605, do you think it will go up more since i took care of my debts
Ok you guys are great

I also wanted to mention that I ALWAYS pay more on my credit cards than the minimum

is it a good idea to pay a couple dollars extra on my car payment each month or does that matter?

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Eventually it will go up. You need to keep paying bills on time or even paying off loans early if you can manage it. Also after a certain period of time (I'm not sure how long) you can request to have the bad stuff dropped off your credit report.

If you can pay extra on your car payment, yes that will help. Any time you can pay something off early it helps. If you can, pay the extra on the principal, not interest (I know you can do it on house payments, but I am not sure if you can on car payments).

6 years ago

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it should over time just keep paying without going 30 days late and try to keep balances on cards less than 30% of total credit and it should go up

by Rick K - 6 years ago

Good job! You must feel great! Paying off debt has an almost euphoric feeling, doesn't it? Of course your score will go up. Just don't re-max your credit cards. Once upon a time, my credit was jacked but today its awesome! I have lots of credit but have maintained it and always pay on time. So keep on doing well and your score will soar (yeah, that was retarded! lol!)!!!

by sanjose_lawgirl - 6 years ago

Debt makes a difference, but it isn't a sole factor. Essentially deliquency is the major concern. Every 30 days you should see improvement. It may take up to a year to get over 700 though.
Just keep your nose clean for a year and you will see dramatic improvement. especially since you have your debt somewhat under control.

by Ryan M - 6 years ago

Yes, but it will take time. Keep current on all of your credit debt and eventually it will go up; it is not automatic. If you max out your credit cards and only pay minimum payments that looks bad on your credit score. I have heard to pay off credit cards ever month or pay large sums to get most of the debt down.

by thesaltyvixen - 6 years ago

It took me almost 2 years to go from 505 to 756 it was worth the time...My debt didnt happen over night either did improving my score..Good job and good luck your on the right track

by Crazy cat lady >^ ^< - 6 years ago