If your credit cards get wet will they still work??!?

I just dropped my credit cards in the washer machine, my student ID was in their too, will these cards still work??! I know they are magnetic. Can anyone HELP!!!

6 years ago - 3 answers

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no, water will not affect magnets. or credit cards, as they are made of plastic. and magnets. most of the rock in the bottom of the ocean is magnetic, if that answers your question.

6 years ago

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Yes. I've gotten credit card wet and never had a problem.

by bdancer222 - 6 years ago

I doubt you will have a problem. I have washed the enitire contents of my wallet several times and have never had any problems with my cards not working, although if you do happen to have issues using them i recomend clear celo tape over the magnetic strip. That helps me on some occasions. Cheers.

by i.interface - 6 years ago