Is 761 a good credit score?

I received my credit score in the mail. I was wondering if 761 is a good enough number to apply for a 0% credit card.
Would I be able to get a balance transfer for 12 - 15 months with 0% with this credit score number? I am not interested in purchasing anything on the card. I just want 0% to pay down my balance.

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I work in the credit card industry making decisions whether to approve or deny credit to potential applicants. You have a very good score, but also there are other things that are taken into consideration such as monthly income, whether you possess a checking account., etc. People don't think that it's important, but depending on the CC company, that can make all the difference. But as it stands right now, you have an excellent chance to get approved.


6 years ago

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That's very good, you can probably get any card you want.

by Paul T - 6 years ago

you should be able to get any credit card you want, I would get one with rewards such as miles or cash back, check out here you will be able to compare all major credit cards side by side on rates, fees and rewards.

by worldpeace - 6 years ago

With a score that high you qualify for many and probably all credit card offers with 0% apr

by Sharon F - 6 years ago

yes, very good score, go for an American Blue Express Credit Card: Apart from no annual fee feature of the American Blue Express it also gives cash returns on specific purchases. Users of the American Blue Express also enjoy protection against fraud for online credit card transactions. This card tries to right the various wrong notions about the American Express credit cards, one of which is that it is a credit card only for rich or those who have money to keep a credit card.


by ope n - 6 years ago