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    hello, i go to washington mutual bank, and i deposited my check using their atm...how long will they hold it?

    a few seconds ago 4 Answers

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    WAMU held my paycheck 3 days when I put it in the ATM & when I opened the acct, I asked that my paychecks never be on hold. When I complained, I was told it was standard operating procedure for all new accts with checks in the ATM and that I should have gone inside. Expensive lesson. I hope you don't have the problems I did.
    a few seconds ago

    Other Answers

    • For standard deposits (cash, checks that are local checks and smaller amounts) that will take at least 48 hours to go into your account. Others will take even longer, and the bank might also put a holds for 2 to 11 business days. I would suggest you to go in to the branch and make deposit INSIDE. That why you would be more clear what is going on with your deposit. Since you are asking this question, i assume you are new to banking, so don't my shy. Just go inside to make a deposit, you will learn more about banking and that can help you maintain a good standing of your accounts too. BTW, if you just open account with them (less than 6 months), most likely there will be hold on any deposit. But if they are PAYROLL CHECKS, you can ask the teller to remove the hold (they will have to call a supervisors to override it). That is also another reason why is better to go inside the branch and talk to teller in person.

      by XoxoxoxoX - 15 hours ago

    • I have been at my bank for nearly 10 years. However, when I deposit my checks in the ATM, it usually takes 3 days to clear. I don't think it is because you're a new banker, it's just standard procedure.

      by Pam Beasley - 15 hours ago

    • Ask them.

      by bud68 - 15 hours ago

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