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    What happens if you don't pay back overdraft fees?

    I ordered something online using Paypal using what I thought was my sisters bank account because she wanted to get a cell phone for her boyfriend. Well I apparently messed up and it took the money out of a bank account that I don't use. On the Thursday before Christmas they called me to say that I overdrafted and owed $33 in overdraft fees and the amount overdrafted. Also the next day they would start charging me $6 per day. I live 4 hours away from that bank now so I mailed them a check for the overdraft amount and fees and asked them to freeze the $6 per day fee. They kept charging that fee over the weekend and Christmas. So the money I sent didn't cover it all and I'm still in the negative. I cannot pay it back because I recently lost my job and they refuse to stop charging me. Summary: I paid back what I overdrafted but they charge $6 daily and I can't pay back that so it keeps racking up and they won't stop charging me. What happens if I just don't pay?
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    Unless they can debit from your correct bank account instantly, you may not have any other option than to physically go to the old bank and correct it in person. Call them first to see if there are any other options. Perhaps there's something that can be done online?
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    Other Answers

    • Call the bank Talk to the bank manager...I would suggest that you go there directly but the expense of the travel does not seem justifiable since you just lost your job.... anywhoo, Once I had an overdrawn account. I was rather pissed about it and to shorten the story, the bank manager was able to take off ALL of the overdraft fees. In the future a credit card can be placed on yoru account to cover overdrafts. Also, sorry to hear you lost your job so close to xmas. If you live in the usa be sure to see if you qualify for unemployment to help you fill the gap until you find other employment

      by lisa s - 17 hours ago

    • After about sixty days (sometimes less), they will close the account and report you to Chexsystems. This will likely prevent you from getting another checking account and possibly even a savings account for up to five years. They will also likely turn the closed account over to a collection agency.

      by Sherri C - 17 hours ago

    • I think the best thing for you to do at the time is to go to the Bank to pay off the $6 you owe and close the account. If you are not working it makes no sense for you to keep an account that you are not using. You might want to talk to a Manager and talk to them and see if they can put a waiver on the account for you until you find yourself another job. If I were you I would not leave that account open, after a while the Bank might close it and that amount would be owed regardless. You might be prevented to open an account at any financial institution depending on the Balance that is owed. This is a serious matter please take care of it.

      by Bargainhunter24 - 17 hours ago

    • They will probably continue to charge the overdraft fees. And then after about 30 days they report you to a company kind of like a credit bureau for banks. And then you can't open a checking account with anyone else until you pay them. I suggest you see if they have weekend hours and go up there to see if you can close the account. Maybe if you do it in person they'll stop charging you the $6 a day.

      by jaded09 - 17 hours ago

    • You need to give us more info? How do you have an account number with a bank that you dont use? Did the bank make the mistake and take the money out of an account they shouldnt have. or did pay pal. If it was your fault and your did pay the overdraftt, then they shouldnt be charging you a$6.00 fee per day. That does not sound legal. Call the 800 number for that bank and talk to a bank supervisor about this, then call the attorney general of your state to ask about banking laws and fees.

      by de1159 - 17 hours ago

    • This happen to me they keep charging me, I was 23.00 overdraft I also lost my Job they don't care now I am up to over 900.oo and they still adding on, They closed my account and now they may take us to court

      by jesuslovesme_jesusforgaveme - 17 hours ago

    • Go bankrupted, they'll take you to court, please keep all your bank statements as proof to show to small claim court. The bank is doing wrong to keep charging you for a small amount that you mistaken borrowed. Take them to a small claim court.

      by Kennedy - 17 hours ago

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