Has anyone heard of or dealt with Eric Smith (eric_loan)

I am thinking about applying for a loan from Eric Smith. He is asking for a non-collateral deposit of 2.1% of the principal loan amount and states that this is legal as stated in the Amended Constitution Act 2004, Lending Policy 174/Ur.
Any information that anyone can give me regarding this would be greatly appreciated.

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Two things stand out:

1) Yahoo! email address. Scammers always use Yahoo! (or gmail or Hotmail) for their email as you can use whatever name you want. As soon as Yahoo! cancels the account, he comes back with eric_loan002@yahoo and then eric_loan003@ yahoo and so on and so on.

2) Asking for money upfront is a sure sign of a scammer. If he were legit, he would just take it out of the proceeds of the loan.

Delete the email and move on. This is a SCAMMER!

6 years ago

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DON'T and I repeat DON'T
get a loan through a da*n email address.

by DonsGirl - 6 years ago

I want to be clear on what you are saying.. are you saying that he is asking you to deposit 2.1% of the amount you want to borrow into some account? He is asking you to send him money? If he is legit, he will take it from the loan proceeds, and not need to collect it up front.

by Rafael P - 6 years ago

total shit. 2.1% upfront? C'mon. You know better than this.

by wizjp - 6 years ago

go with your gut on this one. gl

by dave49310 - 6 years ago

You must be awfully desperate to actually believe this person.

by GG M - 6 years ago

You're putting somebody's guts/email on something like YA for a crazy loan?


Board yourself up so you don't do anyone (or yourself) harm.

by LabRat - 6 years ago

NOOOOOOOOO! DO NOT pay for a loan up front, ever! Especially not someone who has just a yahoo address. I could be that person. Or I could sign up as another loan officer and tell you I'd just take 1.1%.

I'd ask your state attorney general's office about this, and also inquire of your local banks. You might also Google the Amended Constitution Act 2004, Lending Policy 174/Ur. I just did and found nothing. Searching just the Amended Constitution Act 2004 gave me some hits on the Irish Parlimentary Constitution.

This guy is BOGUS.

by purplesometimes - 6 years ago

Anyone I repeat anyone that uses a Yahoo e-mail address for a loan company and asks for money up front is a scam.

I have reported him and several others so many times I can't count them but some how they keep getting back in.


by SPIFIMAN1 - 6 years ago

Any offer of money or anything else you find on-line, assume is fraudulent until proven otherwise.

Whether or not it is legal, I don't know, since I don't know that law - which is presumably a US law. However, if you want to know if it IS to a lawyer (most will give free consults). However, $21 interest on a $1000 loan does seem pretty decent. But, since you have to send him the $21 before he cuts you a cheque for $1000, he would likely be scamming you. There is a reason why the banking industry in most countries are so strongly regulated.

In any case...if he is legit, make sure you have some iron clad paper in your favour in case he tries to screw you over.

by jcurrieii - 6 years ago


by Teri W - 6 years ago