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    H&R Block troubles with the Holiday Loan, emerald card, and system.....?

    I went to H&R Block this morning for the holiday loan.... got approved for the $500 Line of credit.... They told me that the card would be ready to use within 15mins...... well, it makes 7 hrs and still NO money on the card!!!!! Now there telling me that it can take up to 48 hrs before the money is put on the card.. Because, the system has a problem with the emerald card.... is there any body else out there having trouble like this???????
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    People all over the nation are having the same problem. H&R Block wasn't expecting the big turnout. Yesterday their system went down and they are trying to fix the problems. Seems like the problems keep coming one after another.
    a few seconds ago

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    • YUP I HAVE THE SAME PROBLEM .the reason i went to h&r block for the loan in the first place was because i need the money for Christmas...i went yesterday for the card.. called today they said to wait thill tomm.. 48 hrs later and if its still not there then to call them.. complete pain in the butt.

      by danyelle k - 18 hours ago

    • I feel as frustrated as you do. I applied yesterday afternoon and got approved and was told that my money would be on the card in 15 min since I still had my same card from last year and guess what? 25 hours later still no money on my card. I tried calling customer service for the card and they charge $2.50 to speak to a live advisor, then you agree and get a busy signal and get charged for speaking to absolutely no one! I spoke with H & R bank and they told me that their system is backed up but they will have it loaded as soon as possible. I was so upset! I won't do this next year!! And as of 3:30 I still do not have the money on my card!

      by avanessa35 - 18 hours ago

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