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    Unpaid Credit Card debt in Japan?

    I have a credit card debt in Japan which remains unpaid. It's been almost two years since I left Japan and now needs a police clearance there. Is it possible that I have a police record in Japan? Do they sue people in Japan for non-payment of credit cards? If I was sued, which I am not really sure about, will it be reflected on my police record? Thanks in advance for your answers.
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    Lets keep it simple. You dont mention how much your credit card debt was ?? It could play a role. If you have not heard anything at this stage and it has been two years i am sure it was written off as bad debt. Knowing somewhat about how things are done in that side of the world, and if the amount was not ''significant'' no court process was followed in your debt, similar to ours in as far as getting a judgement...more so since you probably did not owe or have any assets in Japan... As far as police report...its not going to be there...debt is not criminal unless you are charged in court, for example fraud and found guilty...or like...so beside that you owe some money to a private company [the credit card company] you have no criminal record in Japan. Are you able to get the clearance directly from the police in Japan or must you go through a third party? Either way there should not be any relfection in the report about your credit card debt...the other point would be the equivalent of our credit bureau record in Japan that it will reflect the debt if the company was reporting your payments and possible subsequent charge off...but you dont need that, what you need is the clearance of criminal activity. Good luck.
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    • At least your name is listed in so-called "Black list". I think if the total sum is small, they won't report for police. Beware. Japan started to check your finger prints and take your pic at airport since Nov 20.

      by Joriental - 19 hours ago

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