Loan with a credit score of 540?

Hi Im in the UK and im looking for a loan of £1500.00 but i have a credit score of 540. I am in a stable full time job working for the goverment earning good money, but keep getting turned down. Does anyone know of any companies that will help?



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Get a co-signer.

6 years ago

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check out to see what the providers are after they are some non bank lenders on the panel good luck


by paulie10182 - 6 years ago

I am Clara and i saw your question about needing a loan,In the internet they are alot of scams out there.I decided to answer your question to prevent you being scammed.
I got a loan of $150,000 from an agency online and i was lucky not be scammed.
Contact them at interest rate of 0.2% is simply great.they use a yahoo email account on our request because its makes contacting them easier

by Clara J - 6 years ago