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    What is the average social security disability check each month?

    3 months ago 8 Answers

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    As of Oct 2007, there were 7,058,057 disabled workers receiving a disability check from the Social Security Administration. The average monthly payment for men was $1,099.73 while the average for women was $844.30. The combined average check per month was $980.24. If you pay $800 for an apartment or a mortgage payment, that leaves you about $200 for food and other expenses. It isn't much anyway you look at it.
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    Other Answers

    • My grandmother gets $600, a few others I know get around $800-$1000. It's a very tough way to live.

      by Eraserhead - 3 hours ago

    • Mine is $2126 and I just got this recently. However, I worked a really long time. I am 56 years old now and just recently declared disabled and have been working since I was 17 and paying into the system. I think there was only year that I did not pay into the social security system out of all those years. Out of the $2126 about $150 needs to be set aside to pay taxes, so now $1976 monthly. Also, in two years (if I make it that long) Medicare will then be taken out which should be over $100 a month in addition. My background as a worker was never *rich* that is for sure.. I think a few years back in the 1990 s I made in the $50 s and $60 s yearly, but struggled this last 10 years to even make in the mid $30 s. Though I didn t have a fabulous income, I did work many, many years, which did offset and help some. The younger you are, I would imagine it would be less. Be aware that Social Security looks heaviest at your last 10 years of earnings before becoming disabled. You also have had to work five of the last 10 years on average and paid into the social security system, if you are trying for benefits for yourself.

      by L - 3 hours ago

    • the average person ranges between 680 and 1,200.00 it really depends on the person who work alot or little before they had to go on disabilty

      by lonnie s - 3 hours ago

    • It really depends on how much you paid in or your parents paid in if you're a child. You can ask for your SS earning statement at www.ssa.gov and they will send you a statement with the amt you will get if you applied and was approved today.

      by PARTYLITE C - 3 hours ago

    • That depends on what you paid into the system. I help veterans get their claims in and also help them with SSDI. The average amount I have seen is around $1060 a month. But his is for vets from the Vietnam era. They paid a lot of $$ over the years.

      by Sgt Big Red - 3 hours ago

    • the average blue collar is 1,000 a month,then they take 95 for medicare insurance out..........it all depends on how much money you were making a year when you retired or got sick,if you were making half a million a year you might get 5000 a month.....most people suffer a great deal.....

      by john doe - 3 hours ago

    • I dont know

      by Nancy - 3 hours ago

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