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    What is the average social security disability check each month?
    a few seconds ago 7 Answers

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    As of Oct 2007, there were 7,058,057 disabled workers receiving a disability check from the Social Security Administration. The average monthly payment for men was $1,099.73 while the average for women was $844.30. The combined average check per month was $980.24. If you pay $800 for an apartment or a mortgage payment, that leaves you about $200 for food and other expenses. It isn't much anyway you look at it.
    a few seconds ago

    Other Answers

    • My grandmother gets $600, a few others I know get around $800-$1000. It's a very tough way to live.

      by Eraserhead - 20 hours ago

    • the average person ranges between 680 and 1,200.00 it really depends on the person who work alot or little before they had to go on disabilty

      by lonnie s - 20 hours ago

    • It really depends on how much you paid in or your parents paid in if you're a child. You can ask for your SS earning statement at www.ssa.gov and they will send you a statement with the amt you will get if you applied and was approved today.

      by PARTYLITE C - 20 hours ago

    • That depends on what you paid into the system. I help veterans get their claims in and also help them with SSDI. The average amount I have seen is around $1060 a month. But his is for vets from the Vietnam era. They paid a lot of $$ over the years.

      by Sgt Big Red - 20 hours ago

    • the average blue collar is 1,000 a month,then they take 95 for medicare insurance out..........it all depends on how much money you were making a year when you retired or got sick,if you were making half a million a year you might get 5000 a month.....most people suffer a great deal.....

      by john doe - 20 hours ago

    • I dont know

      by Nancy - 20 hours ago

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