what does the phrase "90 days same as cash" mean when getting credit from a local furniture store?

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It means for the first 90 days of financing you will not be required to pay interest.

6 years ago

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you have 90 days to pay it off otherwise interest is added

by jmo8557 - 6 years ago

If you pay the purchase off within 90 pay no interest

by igotmach - 6 years ago

What they forgot to add is if you pay after 90 days, they will add the interest for those 90 days.


by stan c - 6 years ago

in reality it means, they are going to check your credit and if you qualify they will let you pay off the purchase over 90 without any interest being charged. However 99% of these offers accrue interest from day 1 if you do not pay the balance in full, every last cent. SO if you owe them $1 on the 91st day you have to pay interest on the whole balance for 90 days. Also the interest rates are usually in the high 20%'s or 30%'s.

Even if you do pay it off in 90 days you probably overpaid, they offer these "deals" to trick you into spending more than the item is worth by marking them up from day 1 and with the hopes you will overspending by buying more than you wanted since you don't have to pay for it right away and then when the 90 days comes due they hit you again with high interest and fees.

by ken - 6 years ago

All of the above is true, Read and understand the fine print so you know where you can go wrong.

by anotheropinion - 6 years ago