What does it mean to be paid semi-monthly?

I just got a new job, and thats what my contract states, not sure what it means though.

6 years ago - 5 answers

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2 times a month like every 2 weeks

6 years ago

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twice a month

by <dutchboy_80> - 6 years ago

2 time per month

ussally the 15th and last day of the month

by sportscollectables - 6 years ago

Semi-monthly means twice a month. I have a job like that and we get paid on the 15th (or close to it) and the very last work day of each month. It kinda sucks, but I guess it makes sense for tax purposes.

by Marjie L - 6 years ago

Semi monthly or bi monthly. bi monthly means 2 times a month. getting paid monthly mean's once a month. i think you could classify semi monthly as 2 times a month.

by dlich007 - 6 years ago