How does coinstar work???

I have about 17 dollars in cents (ive already counted) there is a coinstar in my local kroger grocerie store i was wondering if i can put all my cents in and get cash or will i just get store credit?? Can they do that or do i choose and can i find out if they only give credit online?? Thank you soo much!!

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The machine will count the coins and then give you a receipt. You can either get the cash or use it to pay for your items (if any).
You're usually charged 8.9 cents per dollar but some retailers or banks give you a discount. However, if you put the money on a gift card or e-certificate, it's free.


7 years ago

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They take about 9% and the cashier will give you cash.

by scottsmylie - 7 years ago

The machine spits out a receipt for how much money you get, and you take it to a cashier to get the cash.
But keep in mind they keep a percentage of it. If you have a bank, you may want to take it there and there won't be a fee.

by Geaux Tigers!!! - 7 years ago

Coinstar takes 8.9% on cash. They also offer several merchant cards that you get 100% of your money.

by Eddie B - 7 years ago

Coinstar takes 1% of the total. So, for every dollar, you get 90 cents. On 17 dollars you would get 15.30 and you take the receipt it spits out to a cashier and the cashier gives you the money in cash. You don't have to buy anything, the store already gets a percentage from Coinstar for allowing the machine in there.

by drewxjacobs - 7 years ago

You get less than face value. I think it is approximately 92%.

by StephenWeinstein - 7 years ago