Can I pay myself through my own credit card and build history?

Seriously, no joke. If i had a payment option as a seller for credit card and repeatedly charged myself just to pay myself back would it be counted as credit?

7 years ago - 4 answers

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Yes, it would, buy why would you want to do that? I understand what you are trying to do, but once you start adding up those monthly merchant services fees, there has got to be an easier and less expensive way to do it.

7 years ago

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You would have to get a merchant account from a credit card company in order to accept your own credit card.

So if you need to build credit, then chances are not good that you will be granted a merchant account. No joke.

by dkarlsenyh - 7 years ago

If your talking about running it through a business, sure it would.


by SPIFIMAN1 - 7 years ago

Yes, you could get a merchant account with Paypal, use your credit card to pay yourself, and build your credit. It would cost money - you don't get to keep 100% of what you charge.

Overall, I don't know if this would be any less expensive than taking a cash advance.

It would work, but it probably isn't a good idea. Just stick to charging a tank of gas per month and you will be fine. You would have bought the gas anyway, so that doesn't cost you money.


by Adam L - 7 years ago