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    Those of you who have used Lexington Law credit repair services, how did it work out?

    I'd like to know of anyone who has actually used Lexington Law credit repair and of their experience. I've gotten mixed reviews on the company, so I'd like to hear from some actual users. Was it successful? How long did it take? Any problems? How was their communication/customer service? Do you get to talk to a real lawyer ever?
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    i used this company. i was with them about six months. to tell you the truth i did not see any different on my credit report. i spoke with a worker in the office when i signed up. i did not recieve any information in the mail , and i wasnt called to let me know if ther were any changes on my credit report. you have to have a checking accout so that they can take it out of your acccount every month. no coummuication at all with this company. i would not use this company again.
    a few seconds ago

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    • Try DebtBusters911.com They helped my situation a lot!!!

      by chad g - 13 hours ago

    • I had looked into using them last year when I was just strating to repair my credit. In fact, I looked at several companies. My friends told me there were a lot of scams out there. I did find one company that has solutions to fix your credit on your own and also gives you the ins and outs of using a credit repair company to fix it. It is www.your-credit-solution dot com. One of their do it yourself solutions allowed me to increase my credit score by 200 points. Good Luck!

      by Michael T - 13 hours ago

    • It takes time to clean up ERRONEOUS information on your credit reports. Pay the outrageous fees they charge toward your debt and clean it up yourself. Start by getting all three of the major reports and going over them line by line. If the info is erroneous then dispute it with the reporting agencies in writing. If you have an ACCURATE lousy credit report that is something you will have to live with for at least a few years. Sure it stays on the reports for 7 years but hurts less as each month goes by. If something is from a local, as opposed to big national, collection agency try going by and dealing with them on a pay off for removal of the info. Have cash in hand at about 75% of the amount owed and offer 50% for a letter right then and there that the info will be removed for the payment. SIGNED by the appropriate individual in the company. They listed the info and YES they can remove the negative. Then if you have any bills pay them meticously. Your reports will clear up over time.

      by Rebecca - 13 hours ago

    • i havn't used it.. Beware of credit repair scams. There are no "loopholes" or laws that credit repair companies can use to get correct information off your credit report. No credit repair company can do anything you can't do for yourself. It is impossible for a third party to make changes in your file if the facts have been correctly reported.

      by G M - 13 hours ago

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