Credit one bank credit long does it take?

I was approved for a credit one bank credit card online. At the end of the application it said after your identity verification your card will be mailed to you. How do they verify my identity and when should I get the card? I tried going back on the website to check the card status and all it said was that your account or application had already been processed. Thanks.

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I was wondering the same thing. I received a pre-approval letter in the mail, and applied the same day online. It said that my application had been approved, but was pending for more info. Then about three days later it said that i was completely approved, and that the page would have a mail date when my card has been mailed out. I filled out for the card on July 30, 2007, and haven't received my card yet. It says to give it three weeks. But if I'm already approved I don't see whats taking so long. Well good luck on your card and your credit limit! Oh! When did you apply? And when did you get your approval page?

7 years ago

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How long have you waited? Give it 2 or 3 weeks before you call customer service to get the status.

by bdancer222 - 7 years ago

i received a pre-approval from them the other day, and thank goodness i read the fine print because i have 2 other credit cards that are way better than this one. the fine print was that they charge $5.75 a month, that's the annual even if you dont use the card, you're gonna have to pay that $5.75. not only that, but they charge $69 to the card once its activated. the card they offered me was up to 1,000, and the minimum could be $200, so actually if you were approved and only got the $200, you will actually get like $125.75 as a starting limit. i think you should re consider this. try getting an orchard bank card or wamu...i have those and they are really good in getting your credit score up.

by datchik - 7 years ago

i too applied for this card and haven't received it yet. I was approved for a 1,000 limit and they told me it would be up to three weeks till I receive it. I applied on july 31st. and i still have yet to receive it so good luck. My discover card was at my place within ten days.

by ruth r - 7 years ago