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    if your credit score is between 636-670, is that good?

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    Well the national average is 675-680 so you are below that but it's not a bad score. What is much more important is what makes up your score. Credit scores are based on the following; 1. Payment history 35% 2. Time in bureau 15% 3. Types of credit 10% 4. New credit 10% 5. Debt to credit ratio 30% I look at credit every day and see people with 700 Scores that can not buy a car because there score is made up of the following; Profile 1. 1-credit card with a $500.00 limit paid 15-times and a couple of student loans. While this produces a good score it doe's not show tha ability of the willingness to actually pay anybody. What you need is the following; Profile 2. 3 credit cards with balances below 30% of your credit limit and 2 autos, homes, boats, furniture or personal loans all with good long payment history's. With this type of profile you can get any loan that you will need.
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    • acceptable - you are better off than most folks

      by mister ed - 19 hours ago

    • Hi, It's not bad either. You are just on the margin and it can be repaired easily. Check out http://financeguru.consumerspot.info for some useful info and tips. Good luck!

      by Dzo - 19 hours ago

    • Depends on how old you are and what is reflected on your credit report. If you're 20 years old and have just started building your credit, it's really pretty good. If you're 40 and it's not really great, but not horrible either. Anything above a 700 is good, so you're close. Anything below a 600 isn't very good and you'll probably need a co-signer or have to deal with fairly high interest rates.

      by Nicole B - 19 hours ago

    • Average is 680, so it's less then average, but you still can get the mortgage. Good Luck!

      by reality - 19 hours ago

    • well, that's not so bad, but you can improve your credit score up to 850. detail is http://www.mommaknowscredit.com/?id=benthaleb

      by Sam - 19 hours ago

    • FICO scores range between 300 and 850. Ratings are as follows: ~ Excellent: Over 750 ~ Very Good: 720 or more ~ Acceptable: 660 to 720 ~ Uncertain: 620 to 660 ~ Risky: less than 620 If your FICO score is on the low side, you'll pay a higher interest rate on loans and credit cards. To get the best interest rates, your score should be 720 or above.

      by NY123 - 19 hours ago

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