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    My Social Security Card was stolen, what do i do?????

    My wallet was stolen and had my Social Security Card in it. HOw can i prevent misuse AND obtain a new one. Howl long does it take??? My bank card was stolen, my Driver's lincence was in the wallet, how can I get my CASH???? I know where they shopped, can i get video footage to find the person????
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    Police report. Have the credit bureaus put a fraut alert on your ssn. Call the banks and have them stop any transactions on your accts. Go to social security w/ the police report and apply for a replacement card. Takes a few weeks. Keep a close eye on your credit report for any fradualant activity. Report any that you see immediately. You could contact the store where they shopped (police may get better results tho) and ask how far back does their security tapes go.
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    Other Answers

    • Contact your Social Security office, DMV and bank. You'll get new cards and a license in the mail. It won't take long. You could go to the store(s) where you were and see if they can help you. Good luck!

      by billie - 19 hours ago

    • MAKE A POLICE REPORT. Make a report to your bank and provide them with a copy of the police report. Make sure you have you have your birth cert. Call the soc security admin in your area for times and see what other forms of ID they will accept. To get drivers licence, you can usually use your birth cert and another form of id, such as untility billing ect.

      by Jennie - 19 hours ago

    • I had the same thing happen to me. Very first thing to do is to report your bank card stolen. As for the social security card, there is nothing you can do but apply for a new one. The SS office will tell you that there is no way to prevent fradulent use of the number except to check your credit report and maybe sign up for a credit monitoring service. Other than that, there is nothing that SS can/will do. You'll need to go to the DMV to get your drivers license back. Use a birth certificate and your state id if you have one. As for knowing where they shopped, I am assuming you contacted the police and reported it stolen. This is an absolute must if you do not want to be held responsible for the purchases already made. But leave the investigation up to the police. Just make sure you report the transactions as fradulent and you won't be responsible.

      by FreakyGeeky - 19 hours ago

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