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    How long does it take for a repo to come off your credit report?

    I had a car repoed in 2001. Since then I have purchased 2 homes (1 in Sept. 2002 and the other in Oct. 2006) and a car (Sept 2003). I own 1 credit card (Zales - $500.00 limit), I've used it once and paid the balance off a month later. I haven't been late on any of my bills since the repo. Nobody wants to give me a credit card - with a reasonable rate. How long is it going to take me to be able to get a credit card?
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    It will stay there for 7 yrs from the last activity on the account. That means if you are still paying on the debt, it will still remain for another 7 yrs. I would take a cc at the high interest rate, buy $50 worth of stuff per month and pay off every month avoiding the interest. After 6 months, ask the cc company to reduce your interest. Most will when you show good payment history.
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    • Ten if the debt was installment. Hope this helps.

      by Ben S - 6 hours ago

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