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    Where can I get a personal loan with not so good credit?

    My boyfriend and I are very hardworking...and just recently fell a little behind. I would like to take out a personal loan for about $2,000. But our credit isn't so good. I would appreciate any input or help that someone would like to offer.
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    You might look at www.prosper.com It is a community of people who lend and get loans between each other. It takes 2-3 weeks, but they will often loan money when other places might not. If you go that route, sign up with one of the groups on prosper. It is free and the member will help you put your loan request together.
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    • With poor credit you will get loans but the rate of interest will be a little high. As you need only $2000 so you go for a bad credit loan. To know more you can visit http://www.badcrediteasyloans.blogspot.com

      by Pamella A - 20 hours ago

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