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    Can They Repo my car?

    There's a guy who keeps calling me, I never answer and always have him leave messages. I know he's a bill collector, and only just these last few phone calls, he's started threatening that my car will be taken. The thing is, my car is financed through American Honda and the payments on it are up to date. Also in the past, when I was behind, it was American Honda who called me. He made a comment about that I was gonna lose my Honda, but is it possible that he sees that on my credit report that I'm paying American Honda and is just trying to scare me, or can he really threaten my car? I'm pretty sure he's just been hired by a credit card company.
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    Did you use your car as security on any other loan? Did you make a down payment on the car with your credit card. It is not a good policy to ignore bill collectors. Ignoring them will not make them go away. If you are behind on your credit cards try to call them and make arrangements. If you don't, you will destroy your credit. By already being late you have hurt your credit score. Some people do not realize this, but your auto insurance is affected by your credit score. Also, potential employers sometimes pull scores to see if this person is responsible. Other things that can be affected by as little as one bad debt, the interest rate on loans can increase, even if you have never been late or past due with them. Please, do the responsible thing for your future and contact the people you are past due with and try to negotiate a way out for yourself. UPDATE This forum has a lot of good information on helping you to repair your credit. http://aaacreditguide.com/forums/
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    • Ok here is the deal. he CAN NOT REPO your car. He CAN sue you, obtain a judgment and do an EXECUTION ON CAUSE OF ACTION on the judgment which includes taking your car and selling it at auction. they must first pay off the 1st lien holder which as you state is AHMC, after they pay this off any other money that is collected in the auction will be placed towards your account. He is using a crappy tactic but it is within the law providing he intends on doing it. They will more than likely garnish wages and bank accounts first to attempt to get it collected. Keep in mind also that he is not supposed to leave anything other than his name and phone number on an answering machine UNLESS he is a first party collection, IE Chase Bank collecting for Chase Bank, then he can pretty much say and threaten all he wants because the FTC and FDCPA do not apply in 1st party collections. I would suggest stepping up to your responsibilities and paying the debt. Answer the phone next time and make some arrangements. Good Luck

      by biwagirl20 - 19 hours ago

    • The only one that can repo your car is who you owe. Sounds like he is looking at your credit report.

      by Deb S - 19 hours ago

    • If ANY auto finance company threatens repossession, they must mail you a notice, called a "right to cure". If they don't provide you with the right to cure notice, which states everything about the delinquent payments, as well as the date by which you must "cure" your default (pay the payments), then they can't collect anything more if/when they DO repossess the car. The cure period is usually 10 days. I'd suggest YOU contact AHFC and ask them what's going on...and why their man is threatening repo. Ask them about that cure notice, they'll shut them up.

      by Billie - 19 hours ago

    • i dont think you have to worry about that, that guy is probably scaring u out of nothing, coz what u said , thats nothing related to ur car

      by ? ? - 19 hours ago

    • why don't you talk to this person and see who he is with? and what it is all about? and then maybe call American Honda and tell them that someone outside of their company is threatening to take your car. legally a bill collector cannot make any form of threat to you... you may want to talk to someone else there about reporting him

      by CoopyDoopy - 19 hours ago

    • It is against the law for him to threaten you. Tell him to respond in writing and stop calling or you will report him to the FTC. http://www.ftc.gov/os/statutes/fdcpa/fdcpact.htm

      by Pj G - 19 hours ago

    • Who is the bill collector? They can't take your car if it's not the person you owe for the car. Only the place financing the car can take the car. Answer the phone or return the calls. That's the only way to resolve the problem.

      by allmyluv2my3 - 19 hours ago

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