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    Pre-approved Capital one Auto Loan. Sent a letter w/ local dealer???? Legit?

    I was sent a letter from Capital one saying I am approved for an autoloan up to 30k. They gave me the name of some local participating dealer to go to between the 28th and 30th. I called the number to confirm the pre-approval number and it's some automated capital one number. The numbers 18006859508 and approval number is 451320233. It says I can walk in there with no money down and own a car that day from Deal Maker Ford in Liverpool NY. All I have to do is bring income proof and a utility bill along with my drivers license and insurance to drive a new car home. This is almost to good to be true. My credit score is only in the mid 600's so I never thought I'd qualify for anything like this. I have been a customer of capital one for 2 years with a $500 credit card limit thats in good standing.
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    Auto finance is what I do for a living and yes it is a valid offer. The dealer is doing a Capital One sale, I have done these several times and Cap-1 sends out the letters and you are approved. The last one I did I had people drive over 350 miles to buy a car because the local dealers could not get them approved.
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