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    Pre-approved Capital one Auto Loan. Sent a letter w/ local dealer???? Legit?

    I was sent a letter from Capital one saying I am approved for an autoloan up to 30k. They gave me the name of some local participating dealer to go to between the 28th and 30th. I called the number to confirm the pre-approval number and it's some automated capital one number. The numbers 18006859508 and approval number is 451320233. It says I can walk in there with no money down and own a car that day from Deal Maker Ford in Liverpool NY. All I have to do is bring income proof and a utility bill along with my drivers license and insurance to drive a new car home. This is almost to good to be true. My credit score is only in the mid 600's so I never thought I'd qualify for anything like this. I have been a customer of capital one for 2 years with a $500 credit card limit thats in good standing.
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    Auto finance is what I do for a living and yes it is a valid offer. The dealer is doing a Capital One sale, I have done these several times and Cap-1 sends out the letters and you are approved. The last one I did I had people drive over 350 miles to buy a car because the local dealers could not get them approved.
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    • Find the best rates for people in your situation at: http://www.MYLOANSRATES.NET RE:Pre-approved Capital one Auto Loan. Sent a letter w/ local dealer???? Legit?

      by Adam - 7 hours ago

    • Key word is up to, you may not qualify for that amount, and watch your interest rate, but yes it is legit

      by Pengy - 7 hours ago

    • I deal with Capital One. Just check out the offer with a live person on their 800 phone line before you proceed. Be sure YOU call them. And the interest rate may be scary if you only have had a $500 limit so far. Lots of details of the offer and the car dealer are needed to keep you safe. BBB (better business bureau) is one place to start checking. Good Luck.,

      by redhighheelsneakers_ - 7 hours ago

    • Here you will find an answer: http://autoloan.financialaid-finder.com Good Luck!!

      by ? - 7 hours ago

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