using prepaid credit card to rent a car?

I'm renting a car from budget tomorrow. Just wondering if I can use a prepaid credit card, since I do not own a credit card. They also do not accept debit cards. I know I used a prepaid card before when I rented from U HAUL. Thanks in advanced

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You should contact them. I know that a prepaid card is almost the same as a credit card or debit card. They may require that you have a deposit on the card for example they may require that you have a $500 deposit available on the card. you should defly call and check with them so the outcome won't inconvenience you of they don't accept it. Good Luck!

7 years ago

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You should have asked Budget, when they told you they won't accept debit cards. I would guess you could, but I would have guessed they would accept debit cards as well.

by STEVEN F - 7 years ago

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by abby fth - 7 years ago