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    Can I be sued in civil court by a 3rd party collection agency over an unsecured credit card debt?

    I just received a summons to Akron, Ohio municipal court by the collection agency. Is there a way I can get out of paying back this debt?
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    No, they have a right to sue you if you owe the money and haven't paid it.
    a few seconds ago

    Other Answers

    • No way out, the party you have a contract with can sue you.

      by Ola - a day ago

    • If it is in your name , unsecured I doubt that you could get out of it . I think you will be responsible for it .

      by dolores h - a day ago

    • 1st how long have you had this debt? If its more than 6 years than no. The limit of statuation has run out. Unless you recieved a phone call an you agreed to make a payment. then your stuck. Find out the statute of limitations in Ohio.

      by Laverne D - a day ago

    • yes you can my girlfriend works for one and they sue people all the time

      by kahan - a day ago

    • You can ask them to validate your debt as its your civil right under FTC. Go to www.adviceontime.com they have an article that deals with credit, educate yourself and good luck.

      by Joe - a day ago

    • Yes a 3rd party collector can sue you (chances are they own the debt now). No, you can't get out of paying it if there's a judgement filed against you. The only way you can get out of it is by filing bankruptcy, but I'm not sure if there's enough time to do that with your impending court date.

      by cardinalboy97 - a day ago

    • Not if you do not show up for court. They will get whats called a default judgment and then can attach bank accounts, garnish your wages and file liens on any property you may own like vehicles, land or homes.

      by SPIFIMAN1 - a day ago

    • If the debt wasnt yours, go to the court and dispute it. If you do not go to court, they will get a judgment against you and be able to garnish your wages and/or bank account. And yes, a collection company can sue you for a past debt because they bought the debt from the original creditor.

      by Fun N Sun - a day ago

    • Nope, if you owe a debt and refuse to pay the collection agency, on behalf of the credit, can sue you. If you can and want to avoid court, and if it is not too late, call them and see if you can settle. Be prepared to make a payment over the phone right then and there.

      by Honeyluv - a day ago

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