Where can I get a $5000.00 loan with bruised credit without using tradtional lenders?

I am in need of $5000.00 from an individual. I am do money from a previous employer in 60-90 days but need the money immediatley. Will gladly pay a very high rate of intrest to get this accomplished. Pay day loan will not help and I can't get use traditional sources due to previous credit issues. Can anyone help me? Trying to save my house and car. Working again but first check not due in until 3 weeks. Help Please!

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I'm glad you've decided to avoid payday loans!

If you have "bruised credit," you'll do best with a company that specializes in finding loans for people with poor credit. The company I'm most familiar with is:

I know of them from their car loan program, but they offer many types of loans. Your best bet might be their line of credit option. Even with your damaged credit, they should be able to set you up with a $5,000 line of credit, and they will help find the best rates available to someone with your credit score. They're really good about explaining all the options available to you.

7 years ago

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Go to your new boss and ask for an advance.

by novo - 7 years ago

You are going to have a hard time getting anyone to help. A loan from the usual places is understanding, but when the loan sharks won't you are about out of options.

by ttpawpaw - 7 years ago

Check this site out:

by mr_bigballs_2000 - 7 years ago

Ask your boss for a advance. Or go find your local loan shark.

by spifiman1 - 7 years ago

I've used Wells Fargo personal unsecured loans - very reasonable and pretty easy to obtain!


by westsydegal - 7 years ago