Does an eviction show up on credit report?

Ok so heres the deal. I lived at an apartment and got evicted (asked to leave) for violating a 3 strike rule. I paid all my rent on time beforehand I left within the date and didn't try to fight it or anything. I have since (1 year later) ran my credit report and saw no collections or evictions. If I try and get an apartment again, what are the chances that the eviction will show up for the apartment credit check? Since I didn't get evicted judicially, I was under the impressions I would be ok.

Thanks for the help!

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An eviction is a civil action initiated by a landlord and executed by a magistrate, an officer of the court. It has no influence or bearing on a credit report. Only a legal judgment would appear on your credit. If your landlord sued you for rent in arrears and won then it would show up. But from what you describe there was no legal action taken at all, you were simply asked to leave. That's not a classic eviction, that's actually what's known as a "self-help eviction" where a landlord terminates the lease outside the bounds of legal operation. Best advice I can give is not to volunteer that info to any new landlord or management agancy. It's between you, the past landlord, and God. All others need know nothing.


7 years ago

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I think you should be ok as the landlord did not report the eviction to the credit bureaus. Good luck.

by Akbar B - 7 years ago

A friend of mine was honest on his rental application for a very similar situation. He was technically never evicted officially, as his name wasn't on the lease etc. He chose to be honest and put he was evicted on his application, they turned him down on the spot, it was their policy. Now, the next place he looked, he left it off, and he was accepted.

Unless you are buying a house, renters gotta do what they can to survive brother, and I don't think it shows up on your credit, but I wouldn't list that landlord as a reference.

Here is the key, lying on a rental application is only punishable by one thing, they say no, so, sc R ew them, right?

by Wolfgang92 - 7 years ago

an eviction will not show up unless you were taken to court.The only way they will find out about the past is if they ask for contact information to contact previous landlords.

by rayray - 7 years ago

An eviction of that nature is ulikely to show up on your credit file. The average landlord is not a subscriber to a credit reporting agency. Only a subscriber can add information to a credit file. If the landlord sent upaid rent to collections, then that might show up. If you were evicted for noise or whatever, then a credit reporting agency would not consider that their business at all.

by michinoku2001 - 7 years ago

Asked to leave is not an eviction, it should not show up.

by csucdartgirl - 7 years ago

You should be o.k
It would only show on your credit if the landlord filed eviction
with the judicial court system, but if you advise the new
landlord what happened with your previous landlord, it may
have a great influence on their decision.

by teddybearparts - 7 years ago