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    What banks accept bad credit?

    My boyfriend tried to open a bank account today, but they wouldn't let him due to his bad credit. I have credit just as bad as his and I opened an account at Washington Mutual a couple of years ago. Are there any banks that will accept him? Thanks in advance.
    3 months ago 2 Answers

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    He should check with banks that offer secured credit cards. He can put money down that will equal his new credit line. This will help him establish better credit (if he pays on time). Also, Aspire and Juniper are 2 subprime lenders...the best place to check is www.bankrate.com
    a few seconds ago

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    • My credit was horrible a year ago and Wells Fargo gave me a checking acct. Good luck

      by This is Fun - 9 hours ago

    • As always, if you do not tell us where you live, it is hard to give specif banks - as they might not be in your country / state / continent. If your boyfriend tries to manage some of his previous debt, it might make it easier to open an account - and if you already have an account,y uo could try opening a joint account in your name at the bank you are already with - and then perhaps a few months down the line (after running the account properly), see what happens if he tries to get one in his own name only - or you ask to come off the joint account. Providing you make it clear that you do NOT want a cheuqe book, debit card or credit card - just a pying in book for the time being, sometimes banks will consider bad debters. Alas if they have GOOD reason to think they will lose money, they are not going to be bursting a gut to open an account. To go back to the first point, trying to sort out some of his bad credit would be a plan - if not a pleasant one. Mark

      by Mark T - 9 hours ago

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