How good is a 760 FICO credit score?

Considering some credit card debt, and two mortgages?

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It's good. But Credit History is much more important than credit score. Often, the lack of credit history is equated with bad credit. You should be aware that lenders will go through your credit report once you apply for a loan. Therefore you should also polish your credit report. To establish a good history , I suggest getting a $3000-$4000 loan and paying it off in full in 5-6 months. You might pay $200-$300 of interest but you will save thousands of dollars in your home mortgage and interest rates.

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its real good to refinance with and combine your two mortgages into one.


by ~Mr. Huggable~ - 7 years ago

760 is an awesome credit score! The national average is somewhere between 670-680.

by Texas Banker - 7 years ago

It's a great score. And banks will definitely be generous with you. And it's a great score to use to get your rates lowered and pay less on your debt.
Like someone else said before here: a great score to refinance!

by Nina - 7 years ago

To put a FICO 760 in perspective, only 13% of the credit-using population has a score of 800 or better. From everything I've read, 760 is not only significantly above average (673-720), but it will entitle you to the best (lowest) mortgage rates.

When making a decision, many mortgage lenders will use the average of your 3 FICO scores (one for each of the 3 CRAs), and other mortgage lenders will use the one that is in the middle, called the median score. Before signing that loan application, know what the lender's policy is, and know your 3 FICO scores. Point: I've seen many cases where a person 3 scores vary in a range of 60 or more points, because each CRA carries different information.

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by VT - 7 years ago

It's great. You should qualify for prime rates on new loans and credit cards.

by Mariposa - 7 years ago

300-549: Extremely difficult to find any lender that will offer you credit.

550-619: You may be able to find credit, but very high interest rates and fees will likely apply.

620-679: You should be able to obtain credit, but you will probably be offered a higher interest rate.

680-749: You should have no problem getting credit and you will receive good interest rates and repayment terms.

750-850: Lenders are happy to offer you credit and provide you with their best rates and terms.


by Faye H - 7 years ago

OOO 760 FICO is beautiful!!! You are smart credit user!
If you are interested in credit requirement:
0-0 No credit
350-619 Bad credit
620-659 Fair/Average credit
660-749 Good credit
750-860 Excellent credit
Your aim is to keep you credit score and pay your bills on time!


by Shirrwood - 7 years ago

Excellent. Anything over 700 is very good in this day and age of credit abuse.

Remember that debt does not lower your credit score unless you are pushing your card limits. In fact, holding debt and managing it well is how you get a good score in the first place. Alot of people think they have low scores simply because they have credit card debt. But more then likely its because they have not payed on time or have gone over their limit on several occasions.

by iceman - 7 years ago